The life of an online tutor

Your Complete Guide To Making Money Through Online Tutoring

Online tutoring jobs can be a great place to start your working from home adventures. If you have any sort of industry experience, then there will be a website out there with users willing to pay for the knowledge you possess.

There are many different things that you can teach and tutor people in. It could be anything from helping a high school student pass their exams or providing after school classes for children overseas.

My personal experience working as an online tutor

Teaching English as a second language is by the far the most popular as it’s got the highest global demand. Some websites only require you to be a native English speaker to get started as they already have class curriculums ready to you for use. When working on these platforms, it is beneficial to have some kind of teaching experience – while it may not be necessary, it is helpful. 

A couple of years ago, I was traveling throughout South East Asia and working online to fund my adventures. One of the teaching websites I enjoyed using was DaDaABC, they have a great interface when it comes to teaching children. However, having come from no teaching experience at all, I found it quite difficult to start with. Trying to hold the child’s attention while still learning the platform and following a curriculum was challenging, to say the least! All these factors made it so difficult that I ended up moving onto projects more suited to the nomadic lifestyle I was living at the time.

So, as always, please do your research before signing up for any of these platforms. Tutoring online is not for everyone, and you have to be mindful of time zone differences. When moving back to Australia, my working hours ended up being 9pm-1am. So, depending on where you live in the world and where your students will be, time zone factors could be a deal-breaker.

With all of that being said, let’s jump into it shall we?

The best sites to earn money from as an online tutor:

DaDaABC is one of the highest paying English teaching platforms out there. Their website states that you must have a degree in teaching, but I have had several friends join them without anything more than a high school certificate. Keep in mind, as mentioned earlier, teaching experience is a huge advantage for this site. 

Like most tutoring these websites, DaDaABC has a drawn-out application process. Prepare yourself for a long series of skype calls, emails to recruiters and support staff, and a few trial lessons. Don’t let this turn you off applying though. Even with no teaching qualifications, I was making $16US/hr by playing with hand puppets, doing word games, singing the ABC’s (endlessly), and reading from a script.

While you need to look like a professional teacher from the top-up while on a video chat, you can stick to pajama bottoms and slippers.

DaDa requires you to download and use their own teaching portal software, which is set up well as an online classroom, it will take a little playing around with to get the hang of, and you must have a good internet connection. If you feel like DaDaABC is right for you then click here to get started.

VIPKID is next on the list with another great portal that makes the tutoring process easy. This site has a great rating amongst online teachers and boasts impressive student retention. It also has excellent support staff, making it less of a roundabout hassle for teachers and students alike. With another great pay system, it is well worth your time to click here and check it out.

SayABC is one of the fastest-growing in popularity on this list. A recent takeover has seen a lot of new changes to this platform. Some friends of mine have glowing reports……and some, not so glowing. When changing a lot of backend issues on a platform there will always be things that haven’t been fully beta tested, so a few bugs and hiccups are inevitable. I’ve had friends who have lost bookings for no reason, account information has been lost, and other frustrating headaches. Still, don’t let a small handful of bad reviews scare you off – there are many glowing reports of people earning great amounts as part-time teachers, all while enjoying plenty of free time. Check them out here.

I could continue explaining all the little differences between these websites, but you would probably be half asleep by the time we got through them all. So, I’m going to do us both a favor and wrap it up quickly with a nice list:

If you know of any more reputable tutoring websites that you would like to see on this list, please let me know. Also, if you have found this information useful, please share it amongst your friends.

Thank you for your time and your engagement with my content, I love getting feedback from you all.


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