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When a lot of people have been laid off all at once, it’s hard to think of where to start with finding a new job, or whether there’ll even be anything available out there.

This is where recruitment agencies come in

I have signed up with these types of companies in the past and have had everything from great interactions to puzzling and disappointing results. 

Sometimes, you just become a number in a filing system. Or maybe they really do want to help but there simply isn’t enough work to go around. Still, if you’re fit and able to work, these agencies are definitely worth looking into.

The best recruitment agencies to sign up with

Seen by Indeed is a US-only company focussed solely around the tech industry. I love the way this team has flipped job searching on its head. Instead of you searching through countless job postings and dealing with countless rejections, they have created an algorithm to match you with your new employer. This is based around their job requirements and your skillset, making this site the Tinder of the tech world. Click here if you want to try it out for yourself.

Want A New Career and Targeted Career are job directory sites that post thousands of full-time, part-time and work from home jobs. These clever crews have compiled everything you need to excel in your next opportunity. 

Home Jobs Directory, on the other hand, is an E-book all about data entry jobs. It features a list of over 2,500 companies you can apply to, and the information contained within it is well worth the spare change it costs to purchase. Discover more about it here.

Have you ever wanted to be paid for your opinion on a website? 

Then User Testing is for you. Companies will post tasks for you as a Tester to check off, all while recording your actions via video. This allows them to gauge your real-time reactions and impressions of the site. This information is then sent to their departments so as to rectify any issues and streamline the site, thus improving the user experience.   

If you have found any other information that you would love to see on this site, feel free to contact me and I’ll add your updates.

Once again, thank you for reading and I hope you have found some useful information here. Please share it with your friends to help them in their online employment endeavors.

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