About Us

With all of the recent issues and uncertainty that have stemmed from the outbreak of Covid-19, I decided to put together a site with the help of some friends, to bring you as an audience as much information as we could.

All of us that are working on this site have been working online for years, whether remotely or at home and whilst travelling. We have hit all of the pitfalls, made most of the mistakes and have learned greatly from those mistakes.

The aim of this site is to provide you with the information needed to to get you started on your online career path and hopefully learn from our mistakes and insights so that you don’t run into the same troubles along the way.

Keep your head high and keep going. There is always Hope.



Tim Smith.


Working in Event Management and Operations Management, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Advertising, Marketing Consultation, Stock and Cryptocurrency Trading, Blogging and having multiple qualifications in alternative healing practices, Hypnosis, Psych-K, NLP and Life Coaching. Needless to say, a never ending thirst for knowledge has always kept me going.  Find my details on the Contact page.

Krystle Lestrange.

(Content Writer).

Krystle is the brains behind a lot of what has been written on this site, her way with words is incredible to see how it flows across a page. She has worked as a Freelance Writer, Content Creator, Editor, Journalist, Proofreader, Digital Content Specialist and more. She is a weapon of knowledge with a heart of gold. Find her on LinkedIn to learn more.

Jagannath S.

(Web Developer)

If Krystle is the brains, then Jagannath is the brawn. Having a background in Electrical Engineering, CMS Developer, CIW Designer, Business Administration and more. This wonderful man is the reason this site has come to life. Get in contact with him on his Freelancer profile to hire him for your next project.

Ben Morrison.

(Hosting Provider)

Well that leaves us with the beauty in all of this. While being a great friend of mine has also been able to help me host several sites now within his own network of services at Tribecreative.com.au. Having an extensive background in Website Design and Development, Web Hosting, Social Media Management, Website Security and more. He is the man with the plan that can get any job done.