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5 Websites That Offer Great Rates For Freelance Writers

One of the biggest career quests for freelance writers is to develop a portfolio of clients who offer consistent work and who are prepared to pay you what you’re worth.

Though it’s easy enough to map this mission out, and there are countless articles online promising walkthroughs, it’s not so easily transmuted into the real world.

If you’ve stumbled into a light month work-wise, seeking out new clients isn’t the only way to improve your position. There are plenty of online publications willing to pay writers on a submissions-basis. This means you either write a pitch or write the full article and then submit it to the editor for approval.

For many writers, stepping away from the model whereby clients offer a brief and you have a guarantee of payment is unsettling. However, if your work is of a high standard and you pay close attention to the submission guidelines, this way of working puts far more power in your hands.

You get to determine when you work, what you write about, and which publications you’ll submit to. You can screen out low-paying publications and screen in those who offer rates and subject matter you can get on board with.

To get you started on this new quest, here are five fantastic websites that offer great rates for quality submissions from freelancers:

If you’re a digital guru: Income Diary

Income Diary has been building its following for just over a decade, and they now cater to millions of daily visitors. If you’re knowledgeable on website creation, social media marketing, SEO, methods for boosting traffic, and other topics related to earning a living online, then this publication is perfect for you.

Income Diary generally pays US$200 for articles of around 1,500 words. You can pitch them your ideas before you commit to writing, and they’ll let you know if they’re interested. Their submissions page also has a wealth of information to help you create the kind of content they’re looking for.

If you’re a travel writer: Transitions Abroad

Transitions Abroad is ideal for writers who have plenty of travel experience behind them. Though the pandemic has sent the travel industry into a tailspin, Transitions Abroad is still accepting submissions; they’ve simply pivoted in terms of their focus.

The site is now seeking submissions related to virtual volunteering, virtual learning (including language study), virtual internship programs, online tutoring, teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) online, and any other international work you’ve been able to find during the pandemic.

They take articles of 1,250 words and up, with the average payment falling between US$75 and US$150. Visit their writer’s page to get more details about the guidelines and submission process.

If you’re a list lover: Listverse

Listverse gives you a lot of scope for creativity. They have categories covering everything from entertainment news to general knowledge, science, lifestyle, and the downright bizarre.

The only real rule is that, as the name suggests, you need to format your article as a list. They do have a few other terms and conditions, all of which can be found on their submissions page. For a 1,500–2,000 word list, you’ll be looking at a payment of around US$100.

If you have inspirational stories to share: Chicken Soup For The Soul

If you can’t tell by the title, Chicken Soup For The Soul is all about sharing stories that will inspire readers. They’re always hungry for tales of great human kindness, beautiful encounters, overcoming obstacles, and anything else that warms the heart. They’ll even accept poems, so long as you have the talent to produce goosebumps with your words.

They prefer submissions of no more than 1,200 words and offer a hearty US$200 payment. Visit their submissions page to get an idea of their general guidelines and what they’re looking for at the moment.

For all writers:

Vibrant Life offers writers a lot of freedom to explore topics that impact our everyday lives. From health, exercise, and nutrition to relationships, family matters, and spiritual pursuits, there’s scope for plenty of creativity. The idea is to share fun but well-researched and informative articles that are easy to read and that will help readers live more fulfilling lives.

If you’re interested in submitting, keep your articles short as 450 to 650 words is the ideal range. You can stray a bit higher, but don’t go over 1,000 words. If your article is accepted, you can look forward to a healthy payment in the region of US$100 to US$300.

Visit their writer’s guidelines page to learn more. Vibrant Life is happy to respond to pitches, meaning you can get confirmation as to whether your article will be accepted before you put the work in. If you get the green light, all you have to do is make sure you stick to their guidelines and craft an enjoyable read.

Submitting your work to online publications: bonus tip!

Though we’ve chosen to highlight these five fantastic websites today, there are plenty of platforms out there willing to pay you for your words. It can be a bit of an overwhelming quest trying to seek them out for yourself, so for a profitable place to start browsing, check out Submittable.

Do you have any questions about submitting your writing to online publications? Or perhaps you know of a great website that wasn’t listed here? Feel free to join in the conversation in the comments below.

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